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Sunday Lately #151

Sunday Lately #151

Sunday Lately is a weekly link-up hosted by the Blogger Tribe, which is being fearlessly led by Angelica, Meghan, Katy, and Nicole. We e-hang out every Sunday, sharing a small glimpse into the most recent week of life in our own worlds. We'd love if you could join us!

This week’s themes: Driving, hugging, hearing, obsessing, and biting.


To Dallas next week with my parents for Thanksgiving. I’m not looking forward to the 4-hour drive on the worst interstate in the continental United States (aka. I-35), but at least I can work on some things (i.e. finish reading Capital Gaines, work on some blog posts, etc.) that have been sittin’ pretty on my to-do list lately. Silver linings, right?


My boyfriend, Patrick, and sweet cats close this week! Starting next Tuesday, I won’t see them for four days because I’ll be heading to Dallas and Patrick will be going to Houston. We’ve been dating for almost three years, and I can’t wait until we can finally spend the holidays together!


Episode upon episode of Lauren Hooker’s weekly webinar series, ElleChat. If you’re a creative entrepreneur, I highly recommend checking out Lauren’s blog, Elle & Company, and webinar YouTube playlist. She offers TONS of fantastic advice, insight, and resources on how to begin, manage, and enhance your blog and/or business. Her materials are pretty darn detailed, which makes implementing them much easier. If you’re interested in that kind of stuff, check her out!


Over my fall and winter wardrobe. Sweaters, boots, and scarves galore! I just wish the temperatures were a bit cooler so that I could actually wear them. The forecast looks promising for the week of Thanksgiving, so I’m looking forward to chilly weather and long sleeves in Dallas.


Into lots and lots of Tex-Mex food. Patrick and I are obsessed with Chuy’s, and we usually dine there at least twice a week. Aside from the chips, salsa fresca, and creamy jalapeño dip, my favorite dishes are the fajita chicken salad, deluxe chicken quesadillas with grilled peppers and onions (I always order this with a side salad), comida deluxe (great for leftovers!), chicken fajitas, tortilla soup, and crispy tacos. So, so delicious.

I hope everyone had a lovely week! Next week’s themes are: Adapting, dancing, bringing, chancing, and losing. If you'd like, feel free to join us!


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