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Sunday Lately #150

Sunday Lately #150

Sunday Lately is a weekly link-up hosted by the Blogger Tribe, which is being fearlessly led by Angelica, Meghan, Katy, and Nicole. We e-hang out every Sunday, sharing a small glimpse into the most recent week of life in our own worlds. We'd love if you could join us!

This week’s themes: Dwelling, rolling, skating, obeying, and knitting.


On prayer and practicing gratitude. This past week was emotionally trying for a handful of reasons, and I found myself resting my heart in God’s hands over and over again. It was just one of those weeks, you know? Days like these remind me to always, always, always exercise gratitude, no matter the circumstances that I may find myself in.


My eyes at the all of the premature Christmas decorations ev-ery-where I go. FOLKS - Halloween is barely behind us and Thanksgiving has yet to come! I completely understand the excitement surrounding Christmas but just like everything else in life, there’s a time and season for everything. Right now, both the calendar and falling leaves outside of my window are pointing to Thanksgiving. Besides, December will be here before we know it!


Through the many, glorious aisles of Target with Starbucks in hand. I don’t have class or work on Fridays, so this has become a weekly routine for me as of late (#NotComplaining). I’ll grab something if I need it, but these trips usually involve lots of aimless walking, checking if my favorite pens are on sale, and gawking at pretty shoes. 


The Lord. Admittedly, this has been rather challenging for me in the past. However, I’ve gotten much better at “letting go and letting God” in the recent months and it’s made all the difference for my perspective, state of mind, and anxiety.


And weaving through the Hallmark Movies app. I’ve been craving some mushy-gushy, romantic films with blissful, happy endings and Hallmark hasn’t let me down. This week, I’ve watched Love by the BookRecipe for Love, A Wish Come True, and Midnight Masquerade. That may sound like a lot but I typically watched them while doing something else, like cleaning, chopping veggies, or writing. Sure, they may be cheesy and slightly out of touch with reality - but I love ‘em!

I hope everyone had a lovely week! Next week’s themes are: Driving, hugging, hearing, obsessing, and biting. If you'd like, feel free to join us!


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Sunday Lately #151

Sunday Lately #151

October Book Haul: Half Price Books, Amazon, and Target

October Book Haul: Half Price Books, Amazon, and Target